How to: Document Setup

Example of a properly setup page with Margins and Bleed

Document setup is one of the most overlooked steps on any print job. You should always know what you want your final project to be. As a result  you know what size to start you project. The following are the best practices for submitting your work for print. Furthermore, if you need more information on color […]

Basic Color Guide for CMYK Printing

 What color profile to use, RGB or CMYK Color is created by light rays and how they are interpreted by the naked eye. It’s common knowledge that the color you see is a reflection. When light comes into contact with an object most colors within that light get absorbed, reflecting only the wavelength or color […]

Tip: Image Resolution for Print

Pixelation Example

How resolution works Resolution is defined as the smallest interval measurable by a scientific (especially optical) instrument; the resolving power. Basically it’s a measurement of dots, in a single row, per inch. If you took a square and copied it, single file, from left to right for an inch you would have a pixel count. […]